FAQ's & Solutions

Can You Make Lazy Leash Longer That 3 Feet? 

Not without increasing the size of the product. We're currently working on a longer/larger size. Nerdy Answer: Our goal was to design a leash small & light enough to hang on the collar of any size dog. To do that we had to be extremely efficient with the laws of physics & limited space to work with. We worked with trainers who recommended 36 inches as a preferred range to keep an excited dog safe and under control. It sounds simple, but It took 4 engineers over 4 years to figure out how to fit 3 feet of unbreakable cable into a case the size of an Oreo.

The Button Is Sticking.

Avoid pressing the button while pulling. Simply click to extend––Click again to retract. Since leashes that automatically retract can be dangerous, our patent pending pressure locking button is designed to lock into place at any length, for maximum safety and control. If your leash becomes stuck, face the button down on a hard surface and apply pressure.