Mini Power Leash!

The easiest way to keep your dog under control—all the time. 
Put it in your pocket, clip it to your keychain, or let your dog carry the leash! 

Heavy-Duty 2oz wearable leash withstands tugs, jerks & pulls from ANY size dog.

​Patented Adjustable 40" inch tangle-fee lead & comfortable anti-slip grip.

​Award-Winning Design for hiking, training, convenience & off-leash adventure.

  • Free Complimentary Bonus Leash + FREE USA Shipping!

  • Lightweight Adjustable Lead to Keep Your Dog Under Control.

  • ​Take a Hands-Free Stroll, or grab the Lazy Leash to take control.

  • The Most Convenient Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Dog Leash!

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Feel the Freedom,
Unleash the Power.

Put it in your pocket, clip it to your keychain, or let your dog carry the leash! Lazy Leash is easy to hold and ready when you are. Lightweight and heavy-duty to keep your dog safe & under control. Lazy Leash is safe and recommended for training and control by dog trainers and pet industry experts.


Ideal for Travel, Training, Hiking & Dog Walking Convenience.

Take control with Lazy Leash. Perfect for convenience or for pups that are off-leash most of the time. Take a leisurely hands-free stroll, or grab the Lazy Leash to take control. An adjustable, tangle-free power cable and patented locking brake are designed to keep your dog close and under control.


Adventure, Training, Fun,
Convenience & Control.

Winner of the Pet Business Magazine Industry Award. Featuring a powerful anti-slip polymer textured handle and a tangle-free power cable to keep your best friend safe and under control. Clip-on extendable 40" lead for travel, running, biking, dog parks, or neighborhood walking enjoyment.

ULTRA-GRIP Textured Handle & Tangle-Free Power Cable

As a dog lover, you know how important it is to always have a leash when you need it. Now, you can instantly have the control and convenience you need, no matter where your adventures take you. Whether you're training, running, hiking, or just taking a stroll, Lazy Leash is always ready when you need it. With its powerful design and easy-to-use click-and-retract system, Lazy Leash is the perfect choice for any dog lover looking for a hands-free, hassle-free leash solution. See how it changes the way you and your pup explore the world together!

Put it in your pocket, clip it to your keychain,
or let your dog carry the leash!

  • Pocket-Size Keep it With You

  • Lightweight Keychain

  • Power Grip Anti-Sip Handle

  • Compact & Durable

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  • Where has this been my whole life? I don’t typically need to leash my dogs around the house but how convenient is this for when we go out?! 

  • We like to let him hike off leash while there are no other people/dogs on the trail. It was nice I didn’t have to carry an extra leash and he was in charge of carrying his own!

  • We don't have to worry about the girls getting tangled up in each other's traditional leashes, or getting them caught between the seats.

  • My hands are now free and don’t need to lug leash everywhere. If we come across someone with a not so friendly pup I can fast n easy grab this amazing leash.

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